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Healy Express

Quick Details

Availability: May – September

Duration: 5.5 hours, including staging and shuttle transfer

Inclusions: 23 miles of Alaska’s scenic beauty, over 10 major rapids, oar raft or paddle raft available

Adult Ages 12+

Wild & mild rapids on this Alaska whitewater rapids trip

This four-hour excursion combines the mild Scenic Float and the rapids of the Canyon Run. Enjoy 23 miles of Alaska’s scenic beauty and hit over 10 major rapids for a complete morning or afternoon or river run. We provide a full drysuit for each rafter, us your own clothing layers such as long pants, long sleeves, thick socks to stay warm and dry. Your shoes stay behind at the check-in office, and river booties are provided for your use during the rafting trip in Alaksa.

The minimum age for this part of the river is 12.