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The Canyon Whitewater Trip

Quick Details

Duration: 3.5 hours
Age: 12+ (15+ to paddle)
Raft Type: You choose

  • Paddle Raft (where all participants paddle)
  • Oar Raft (guide only paddles)

Location: Nenana River – Denali National Park, Alaska
Aptitude: Class III-IV rapids (First timers & non-swimmers welcome)
Price: $130

12+ (15+ to paddle)

The Canyon Whitewater Trip

This whitewater river rafting trip begins at the entrance to Denali National Park and journeys 11 river miles north to Healy, Alaska. During the two hours on the whitewater adventure, expect to encounter over 10 major Class III to IV rapids in the Nenana River Canyon. The Denali National Park frontier is the setting on your river left shore with Mt. Healy rising over 3,000 feet to the summit.

Exciting wave-trains and powerful hydraulics create rapids such as “Razorback,” “Iceworm,” “Cable Car,” “Royal Flush,” and “Coffee Grinder.” Choose an oar raft and hold on or a paddle raft for extra hands-on excitement. Both options are guided. We provide a full drysuit for each rafter and you use your own clothing layers such as long pants, long sleeves, thick socks to stay warm and dry. Your shoes stay behind at the check-in office, and river booties are provided for use while rafting in Denali.