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Denali Wilderness Hiking Tour

Quick Details

Availabilities: May-September

Duration: 4 hours, 5 hours

Inclusions:  Guided by a First Aid and CPR certified trekker, Denali Backcountry Guides shuttle provided

Person 4 hours *
Person 5 hours *
*(3) Person Minimum - Groups may be paired up

A hiking tour for the more active adventurer

A guided hike in Alaska with a bit more intensity for the avid adventurer. This hiking tour often happens in areas just outside the National Park which may led to some off-trail and remote exploration.  Terrain of the trail is varied (not always flat) and at four hours in length, we cover a lot of ground! You won’t want to forget a camera for this incredible Denali tour and adventure – the scenery is absolutely breathtaking!

Interpretation provided by a guide who is certified in First Aid and CPR.