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What People Are Saying About Us...

The highlight of the holiday

This was a most incredible experience. It was a very spur of the moment decision. The weather was perfect, clear skies and the mountain was there in all its glory. From booking the flight to being taken to the air strip and the flight it's self was really efficient and very well managed, we couldn't fault it. To get up close and personal to Denali was a breath taking experience and a memory we'll treasure forever. Thank you Denali Adventure Tours and thank you Bob for the best flight we've ever had!

– Dreamer590302, TripAdvisor
A highlight of our trip to Alaska was the flight around Mt Denali with Denali Air

Having just returned from a six week trip, I would rate this flight as a major highlight in our Alaskan adventure. We had good weather and visibility so the views from the air were fantastic. We circumnavigated Mt Denali and only had a bit of cloud on the south side. Seeing Denali National Park from the air, with its wide glacial valleys and polychrome landscape was thrilling. The whole service from pick up to return was excellent and the pilot went the extra mile by taking photos of us with the plane when we landed.

– Judyr535, TripAdvisor
Visual Adrenalin Rush - Unforgettable

From the center of the lower 48th's (Iowa) to the top of Denali, we come a far way to experience the sensational Mt. Denali. The most visual adrenalin rush that excessed all our expectation. A truly spectacular experience. Thanks, Denali Air, Jamin Rice, our booking agent in the Canyon and Jim our pilot.

– jenbrincks, TripAdvisor
Excellent Pilot, Views of Denali like no other

The winds were extremely gusty on take off and landing but the pilot demonstrated excellent mastery of the aircraft (Piper Navajo twin engine). There were a few "bumps" in the air around Denali but that was handled easily as well. The flight lasts about an hour with a circle all around the summit at an elevation of 13,000. The views from this vantage are not to be missed. As a pilot, I would highly recommend this air tour of Denali.

– WVJeff304, TripAdvisor
Should be #1 on your Denali list

Don’t worry about being one of the 70% that never see Denali. Get up close and personal. You will not believe how close you are with this circular view of this beauty. But that is only part of your flight - you will never get a more magnificent view the very best glaziers in Alaska emanating from the feet of Denali.

– bruce479, TripAdvisor