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Helicopter Glacier Expedition

Quick Details

Availability: May – September

Duration: Allow 2 hours and 15 minutes for the full tour

Inclusions: Can fly 6 passengers in an AStar-350 helicopter, commentary by an experienced pilot

Person $100 Surcharge for participants 250+ lbs.

A guaranteed glacier landing on this Alaska tour

Landing often takes place on glacial ice, unlike the snowpack required by a fixed-wing ski landing. Best Alaska helicopter tour for those wanting to walk on a glacier, as helicopters have far greater ability to land on glaciers than ski-fitted airplanes. Dynamic landing environments allow for opportunities to closely inspect glacial moraine, crevasses, and kettle ponds.

Experience extreme vertical relief and astounding granite spires throughout the tour. We provide you with two-way communication via an individual headset, which is pilot narrated. Any passenger weighing in at 250 lbs. or more at the time of departure will have a surcharge fee added to the ticket price at the time of booking. Additional space will be reserved in the helicopter for that passenger. Experience approximately 50 minutes of flight and 20 minutes on the glacier.

*There is a $100 surcharge for participants weighing in at 240+ lbs at the time of departure.