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Denali Park Day Excursion

See the peaks on the flight into Kantishna (the end of the Park road, mile 92.5) and the wildlife on the bus back to the Park entrance.

Quick Details

Availabilities: May-September

Duration: Allow up to 9 hours for the full duration of the tour

Inclusions: Individual 2-way headsets, veteran Denali pilot narration, bus ticket, and park fee are included in the cost

Denali Park Day Excursion All ages fly to Kantishna & bus back.

Full-Day Excursion: Scenic Flightseeing + Bus Tour of Denali Park

The best tour for a flightseeing and wildlife viewing combo. Fly into Kantishna, the end of the park road, and then take a Green Park’s Service shuttle bus tour back to the park entrance. You will make several stops along the way, affording you the opportunity to capture the essence of the park’s majesty from not only the sky but from the ground as well.

Some of the most iconic, large mammals, such as grizzly and black bears, wolves, caribou, moose and Dall’s sheep, can be seen by lucky visitors. The approximate flight time is 55 minutes for the scenic flightseeing tour into Kantishna with an expected 6-hour bus tour back to where you started at the park entrance.