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Denali Park Day Excursion

See Denali from the air as you fly along the spine of the Alaska Range into Kantishna, the historic mining settlement at the "end of the Park road". Then,  capture close encounters with the wildlife of Denali National Park as you take a Park Shuttle Bus back to the Park entrance.

Quick Details

Availabilities: May-September

Duration: Allow up to 12 hours for the full duration of the tour

Inclusions:  Veteran Denali pilot narration, Kantishna trail advice (non-guided hikes), bus ticket, and park fee are included in the cost. *lunch available on request.

Denali Park Day Excursion All ages fly to Kantishna & bus back.

Full-Day Excursion: Scenic Flightseeing + Bus Tour of Denali Park (12 hrs)

The Denali Park Day Excursion is our favorite tour package for the independent traveler visiting Denali National Park and is the ONLY way to see the park by air, foot, and bus in a single day.

This tour is built for those looking to cover some ground, get lots of fresh air, and not spend a fortune! Perfect for self-starters and travelers who like to do their own exploring. Fly-in, then hike the Kantishna hills in the heart of Denali National Park where the road ends, and snag great views of the Alaska range from atop Quigley Ridge or the Wickersham Dome. Bus out at 6pm and experience the park road, its stunning views, and all sorts of wildlife on the way back.

The Denali Park Day Excursion includes a 55 minute scenic flight to Kantishna where you will have the entire afternoon to explore the Kantishna valley and “end of the road” deep in the heart of the park. The tour ends with an incredible journey by bus back through the park along the 92 Denali Park Road back to the park entrance.

Tour Details:
Flight Portion: This tour departs the park entrance at 12pm. Once aboard one of our Cessna 206s, Kantishna Air Taxi will take you through the heart of Denali National Park offering spectacular scenic views from the air. The 55-minute flight follows the spine of the Alaska Range, traverses the expansive Muldrow Glacier, and passes the stunning north face of Denali. After breathtaking mountain views, we will fly you to the very west end of the only road into Denali where you will have plenty of time to explore the Kantishna region before making the journey back by bus.

Ground Portion: Once you arrive in Kantishna travelers will have FIVE HOURS to adventure and explore the surrounding landscape. Our friendly staff will assist in getting travelers acquainted with the local trails and hiking opportunities but please note this is not a guided excursion and travelers must be comfortable adventuring on their own. Whether you are looking for a strenuous four-mile loop with incredible views of the Alaska Range or a casual walk along the quiet Denali Park Road, travelers are left with a true Denali experience.

Bus Portion: The National Park Service bus departs Kantishna at 6pm daily. During your 5-6 hour bus ride back to the park entrance you’ll experience the park’s landscape, flora and fauna. This is a camper bus and while the ride not narrated, you will have ample opportunity to view and photograph the wildlife and natural habitat of this 6 million acre park. This is the quintessential park experience and will leave you awe-struck by Denali’s grandeur. There are three scheduled stops for to use restrooms and stretch your legs. Of note: you will arrive at the park entrance later in the evening–roughly 11:30 pm.

Add Lunch $20: Includes a delicious sandwich or wrap, a piece of fruit, granola bar, trail mix, a drink, and chips. All dietary needs must be noted in advance. Vegetarians/vegans accommodated with pleasure.

What to Bring: water, lunch, snacks, a warm layer, rain gear, hiking boots, binoculars, etc. There are limited services available in Kantishna (no restaurants or cafes) and NO SERVICES other than rest stops once you are on the bus.

If booking for August and September please note nearly half of the bus ride will be in the dark and it will be quite cold so please plan accordingly!

Pilot gratuity (tips) are not included and are appreciated

All bus tickets are purchased through Kantishna Air Taxi and are included in the package price. You do not need to contact Park Service. All seats are first-come, first-serve on a space-available basis.

Of note: This option is great for those with rental cars! If you do not have a rental car secured, we recommend looking into/securing transportation back to your hotel or lodging prior to booking, as we are unable to provide transportation once the bus drops you back off at the park entrance.


> Flight time – 55 minutes
> Bus Ride – 5 to 6 hours
> Allow up to 12 hours for the full duration of the tour.

> 11:00 AM – Pre-Flight check-in at airstrip
> 12:00 PM – Tour Launch
> 12:55 PM – Touch down in Kantishna
> 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Explore Kantishna
> 5:30 PM – Arrive for shuttle bus pick-up location (airstrip or Skyline Lodge) launch at 6 PM
> 11:00 PM – Park Entrance – Trian Depot